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Which of the following parts of a Vernier caliper are used to measure the internal diameter of a cylindrical pipe?
A Depth probes
B Retainer
C Lower jaws
D Upper jaws

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Hint: The vernier scale is a laboratory instrument that is generally used to measure object diameters. It has several components that have various functions. It can also be used for height or depth measurements. One of the most precise measurements is provided by the Vernier scale.

Complete answer:
The Vernier calipers are an instrument for measuring diameters with an accuracy of up to three decimal places. It has different sections. The jaws are used to hold the object to be measured in diameter. Two jaws are available; the upper jaws are used to measure the inner diameter, while the outer diameter is measured by the lower jaws.
To adjust the position of the jaws, a screw clamp is used. On the main scale and vernier scale, the measurements are performed. The least count is $0.1 \mathrm{~cm}$ for the main scale reading, while the least count is $0.002 \mathrm{~cm}$ for the vernier scale.
The overall calculation is equal to= \[M.S.R+V.S.R.\]
The vernier scale also has a stem that is used to measure container depths; it is called the probe of depth. The depth is measured by lowering the depth probe into the container to move the jaws away from each container.
And along the scales, and others. As for the diameter, the reading on the scales is observed and recorded.
Depth probes parts of a Vernier caliper are used to measure the internal diameter of a cylindrical pipe

Correct option is (A) .

The lowest count is the smallest measurement an instrument can make. Correcting an error is a manufacturing error on an instrument's scale; it can be either positive or negative. Ensure that the main scale and the vernier scale do not have forced friction.