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Which of the following is the correct combination for wheat?
A. Genus: Triticum , Family: Anacardiaceae, Order: Poales, Class: Monocotyledons
B. Genus: Triticum ,Family: Poaceae,Order:Poales,Class: Dicotyledonae
C. Genus: Triticum , Family: Poaceae, Order: Sapindales, Class: Monocotyledons
D. Genus: Triticum ,Family: Poaceae,Order:Poales,Class: Monocotyledons

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Hint:The scientific name of wheat is Triticum aestivation. Wheat is grown throughout the world. It is the second important staple food in India. In rabi season wheat is grown.

Complete answer:Wheat belongs to Monocotyledonae Class. Monocotyledonae consists of grasses or grass-like flowering plants. Plants that classify under this group have only single cotyledons, so plants under this group are also called monocots.
Wheat belongs to Poales class. This order contains grasses and flowering plants that have only one cotyledon.
Wheat comes under the Poaceae family. The Poaceae family is also known as Gramineae. It is the most advanced family of monocots. A flower is small, sessile, surrounded by two scales, lemma, and palea. The lemma bears a long, stiff process called awn. The Genus of wheat is Triticum. Family: Poaceae, Order: Poales, Class: Monocotyledonae.

So the correction from the above option is (D).

Additional Information:
Wheat is grown in a loamy soil. The ideal temperature for wheat at the time of sowing is 10 degrees to 15 degrees celsius and the time of harvesting is 20 degrees celsius to degrees. It grows well in 75 to 100 centimeters of rainfall. The harvest period should be frost-free. Mid-latitudinal and dry subtropical regions are ideal for its cultivation. It is the main crop of temperate regions.

Note: Wheat producing areas in the world are Temperate grasslands of North America and Eurasia, China, India, Russia, Pakistan, and in India wheat cultivation is mainly confined to the Northern and central regions of India, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Maharashtra are the major wheat-producing states.