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Which of the following is lyophilic in nature?
This question is multiple correct options
A: Gum
B: Sulphur
C: Starch
D: Protein

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Hint: Lyophilic is a type of colloid which is liquid loving. This means they could be dissolved easily in liquid. Like lyophilic there exist lyophobic colloids which are liquid hating this means they could not be dissolved easily in liquid.

Complete answer:
We know lyophilic are the compounds which can be dissolved easily in liquid. So we have to find out the species which could be dissolved easily in water. Organic substances (which occur naturally) are usually soluble in liquid hence they are lyophilic and synthetic substances are usually insoluble in liquids hence they are lyophobic (liquid hating). Among given options gum, starch and proteins are organic substances this means these are lyophilic substances.

So answers to this question are options A, C, and D that is gum, starch, and protein.

Additional information:
Emulsions are colloids of two or more immiscible liquids (which are not soluble in each other like oil and water are immiscible liquids). There are two types of emulsions: oil in water and water in oil. In oil in water emulsion Quantity of water is more than the quantity of oil and in water in oil emulsion quantity of oil is more than the quantity of water.

There are some emulsions that come across us in our daily life such as egg yolk, butter, and mayonnaise. The process of mixing emulsion in water is called emulsification. Emulsions have a cloudy appearance but they appear white when light is dispersed.

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