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Which of the following is found in the algal zone of Cycas coralloid roots?
(A). Blue green algae
(B). Red algae
(C). Diatoms
(D). Brown algae

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Hint: Mutualism or a mutual relationship is found in the algal zone of Cycas coralloid roots. Mutualism is a process in the population when both the individual gets benefitted and lives with the help of each other. Here, the alga gets the place for dwelling where in turn, the food made by algae is used by cycas for nutrition.

Complete answer:
Let’s discuss the question and find the proper answer.
-Blue green algae: Cyanobacteria is also called the blue-green algae. They are mainly green in colour and sometimes become blue after maturation. They have the ability to make a symbiotic association with other organisms.
-Red algae: Red algae are red coloured algae that belong to the group Rhodophyta. Their storage material remains in the form of Floridian starch. They are mostly marine algae found in the sea.
-Diatoms: Diatoms are mainly micro algae that are mainly found in water and soils of oceans. It is also a kind of marine algae. They are mostly unicellular in nature and found worldwide. Diatoms are also considered as phytoplanktons.
-Brown algae: Brown algae are mainly multicellular algae that belong to the group Phaeophyceae. They have the capability to fix the carbon present in the environment. These types of algae mostly contain the pigment fucoxanthin.
Hence Option A: Blue green algae is the correct answer.

Note: Coralloid roots are the special type of root that is mainly found in Cycads group of gymnosperm. It is mainly found in Cycas and can produce in the cluster form. These are greenish-brown in colour and produce dichotomously.