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Which of the following is for purification of metals?
A. Froth floatation
B. Leaching
C. Liquidation
D. Washing

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Purification of metals is different from extraction of the metals. After extraction of metals, metals may contain various impurities. All the methods used to extract metals from ores are not suitable to purify the metals.

Complete step by step answer:
- In the question it is given that we have to find the method which is used for the purification of metals.
- Coming to given options, option A. Froth floatation, this method is used to concentrate the metal from its ore.
- Coming to option B, Leaching. In this method the ore is treated with chemicals to get the desired metal in soluble form. But some amount of impurities also include soluble form.
- Coming to option D, Washing. By washing the ores we won’t get a pure form of metal because a lot of impurities also come with pure metal under washing.
- Coming to option C, Liquidation. In this method the concentrated metal obtained from different methods is going to be heated on a sloppy hearth of a furnace. The pure form of metal comes down by leaving the impurities on the hearth.
- Therefore Liquidation is the method suitable to purify the metals.

- So, the correct option is C.

Note: By using Liquidation method tin metal can be purified because it has low melting point. Means by using a liquidation method we are going to separate pure metals on the basis of melting point. Low melting point pure metal comes down by leaving high melting point impurities.