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Which of the following is correct regarding AIDS causative agent HIV?
(A) HIV is an enveloped retrovirus.
(B) HIV does not escape but attacks the acquired immune responses.
(C) HIV is an enveloped virus containing one molecule of single-stranded RNA and one molecule of reverse transcription.
(D) HIV is an enveloped virus that contains two identical molecules of single-stranded RNA and two molecules of reverse transcription.

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Hint:AIDS full form is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and this disease is caused by Human ImmunoDeficiency Virus (HIV). HIV belongs to a group of retroviruses.

Complete Answer:
The HIV virus is a type of virus which affects the immune system of the body. The treatment of HIV is limited and if it is not treated in proper time, then it causes AIDS. In recent times, there are no specific and efficient treatment approaches available for the treatment of this disease. Once a person is affected by HIV and if not detected at early stages of cure, then it remains in the body of the infected person for lifetime. It is also described as asymptomatic infection as the infection shows no significant symptoms at the early stage. The noticeable symptoms mainly include fever, sore throat, rashes, fatigue, chilling, mouth ulcers, excess sweating, muscle pain and others. The lack of minor symptoms leads to development of chronic symptoms and it can cause severe health issues, even death. Moreover, if proper diagnosis and medical care is provided to the infected persons then the cure of HIV infections could be effectively controlled. The four main stages of HIV infection include early infections, asymptomatic stage, symptomatic stage and finally AIDS.

The virus belonging to retroviruses has shown to have a well developed envelope which encloses the Ribose Nucleic Acid (RNA) genome. The HIV mainly consisted of two similar units of the single stranded RNA and two units of reverse transcription.

Hence the correct answer is option ‘D’.

Note:The HIV infections could rapidly transfer through contact between the body fluids, except saliva, of infected person and wound or tear skin of healthy person, even could transmit through sexual contact with the infected person.