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Which of the following is correct about silicon?
A.It is a metalloid
B.The blue grey colour with metallic lustre
C.It is used as a semiconductor
D.All of these

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Silicon is metalloid, that is it can show both the properties of metals and non metals. The extensive use of silicon in transistors and other electronic devices is well known to us.

Complete step by step answer:
Silicon is represented by Si . Its atomic number is 14 and it is a member of group 14 or Carbon family in the modern periodic table. It has four valence electrons. It is a crystalline solid with the blue grey metallic lustre. It is a metalloid. Silicon is a chief element of earth crust. It does not occur free in nature. It is present in the form of silica and silicates. Silicon is used highly in semiconductor and is chiefly used in making PN junction, transistor, and integrated chip. MOSFET is a Silicon device which is very widely used.

Thus, the correct option is D.

Additional information:
 Silicon is found in the shell of diatoms. Silicon is used to make alloys and Transformer plates, engine blocks, machine tools etc. The silicon is a major constituent in bricks and ceramics. Plant uses Silicon to provide mechanical support to their cell wall. The semiconductors which are made up of silicon have low resistivity on increase of temperature. The pure silicon behaves as an insulator at room temperature but however Silicon with the doping either with members of nitrogen family or Boron family can make n type semiconductor and P type semiconductor respectively. It has three stable isotopes. Silicon is a metalloid due to reaction with acids as well as base. Silicon dioxide or silica is a major constituent of much rock such as granite and sandstone. Silicon carbide has a similar structure to that of a diamond and it is used as an abrasive.

Glass is a hard amorphous solid which is made up of silicate of sodium, calcium and metals like zinc. It has no sharp melting point. Silicon has a high melting point of about 1414 degree Celsius due to having diamond cubic lattice.