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Which of the following is commonly called an ‘electric ray’?
A. Torpedo
B. Pristis
C. Sphyrna
D. None of the above

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Hint: In order for you to derive the correct answer, you must be well aware of each of the animals mentioned below. Electric ray is not the actual name of the animal but it points towards an animal that is able to produce or has something to do with electric currents. It is a form of a fish.

Complete answer:
Let us study about each of the animals mentioned below.
1. Torpedo-They come under the group of fishes mainly called the electric rays. They are cartilaginous fishes with enlarged pectoral fins. They generally produce electric current ranging from eight volts to two twenty volts which generally depends on the type of prey the fish wants to get rid of.
2. Pristis-They are also called sawfish. Their body resembles that of a shark and a flat head. Their sin texture has a sandpaper like finish due to the presence of dermal denticles. Their mouth and nostrils are present on the underside of the head.
3. Sphyrna-They are generally a genus of the hammerhead shark. They are widely distributed throughout the oceans of the world. They are usually aggressive hunters. They do not hunt down humans but will attack if they are provoked somehow.

Hence, the correct option is A. Torpedo.

The electric ray is the most electrosensitive of all the animals. The reason for the production of bioelectricity is because it has its eyes on the top of its head as a result of which it has poor vision. This vision must be compensated with the improvement of other senses. As a result such a mechanism of bioelectricity production is present in electric rays.