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Which of the following is a type of intercellular junction between animal cells?
A. Middle lamella
B. Plasmodesmata
C. Desmosome
D. Glycocalyx

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Hint: In order to derive the correct answer, we must know what intercellular junctions are. They are junctions through which the cell communicates to its outside for its various processes. Junctions in animal cells are generally provided so that the cells can communicate with one another and with its surroundings.

Complete answer:
To arrive at the correct answer, let us look at the definition of each of the options mentioned above.
Middle lamella-The middle lamella is generally found in plant cells.It sticks the cells of two different cell walls that are placed side by side. It is one of the first formed layers during the process of cytokinesis.
Plasmodesmata- Plasmodesmata is also a form of communication between the cells. It is a long and narrow thread made of cytoplasm that passes in between the cell walls of plant cells and helps to communicate in between them.
Desmosome- A desmosome is also known as the macula adherens. It is a specialized cell structure that helps two cells adhere to one another. They are present randomly in the lateral sides of the cell or plasma membrane. They appear as localized spots like adhesions.
Glycocalyx- Glycocalyx is mainly found in bacterial cells. Although they may be present in the eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell as well. It is generally a carbohydrate rich coating present around the cell. In bacteria, it helps protect it against the host defense mechanism.

So, the correct answer is option C Desmosome.

Cell junction works together along with the adhesion molecules and the cellular matrix to hold the animal cell in place. They help communication between the cells via special gap junctions which are mainly protein complexes.