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Which of the following is a scalar quantity?
A Electric current
B Electric field strength
C Acceleration
D Linear momentum

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Hint: It is possible to group all measurable physical quantities into two categories: scalar and vector quantities. For their definition, scalar quantities need only the magnitude while vector quantities require both the magnitude and the direction. We should take care of each option and, by applying the above criteria, check whether that quantity is a scalar or a vector. This will assist you in solving this question.

Complete answer:
The scalar and vector quantities, all the quantities that can be measured, can be categorized into two groups. Scalars are the amounts that only a numerical value is fully explained by a magnitude. The physical quantities that are completely defined by both magnitude and direction are vectors. A scalar quantity is the one that is required for its description by a single element of a number field. Scalars are physical quantities that also have only the magnitude or a sign and other features. A scalar is unchanged by any changes in the system of coordinates. Volume, power, mass density, and time are examples of scalar quantity. Electrical field strength in the options given. Vector quantities are acceleration and linear momentum. Only the scalar will be the electrical current.

In option A, the correct answer was obtained.

The quantity of a vector is one that has the magnitude and direction of both characteristics. Typically, vectors are represented by an arrow whose direction is equivalent to the physical quantity and which is proportional to the quantity's magnitude. The magnitude and direction of a vector, but it won't have a position. By displacing it parallel to itself, a vector is not altered. Strength, velocity, and torque are examples of vector quantities.