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Which of the following is a fast reaction?
(A) Reaction between ${H_2}$and ${O_2}$ to form${H_2}O$.
(B) Reaction between acid and base to form salt and water.
(C) Hydrolysis of ester.
(D) Hydrolysis of sugar to glucose.

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Hint: In this reaction, we are discussing many reactions like neutralization, hydrolysis of ester and hydrolysis of sugar to glucose and identify which reaction gives the fastest product.

Complete step by step answer:.
A neutralization reaction may be defined as the process in which hydrogen ions given by acids and hydroxide ions given by base combine to form unionized molecules of water .
When neutralization of strong acid and strong base takes place , the pH is 7 . When strong acid and weak base neutralize , the pH is less than 7 , whereas when neutralization takes place between strong base and weak acid , pH will be greater than 7 .
When a solution is neutralized, formation of salts takes place from equal weights of acid and base. The amount of acid needed is the amount that would give one mole of protons (${H^ + }$) and the amount of base needed is the amount that would give one mole of $O{H^ - }$.
For example , when hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide react sodium chloride is formed which is a salt .
$HCl(acid)\, + \,NaOH(base)\, \to \,NaCl(salt)\, + \,{H_2}O(Water)$
When ester is heated with a large excess of water containing a strong-acid catalyst. Alcohol and carboxylic acid is obtained from this hydrolysis .
Similarly , when sugar reacts with water , hydrolysis of sugar takes place in which two monosaccharides are formed .
Neutralization reaction is carried out fast. So, Option (B) is Correct.

So, the correct answer is Option B.

Note: The reverse reaction of hydrolysis is the making of sugar in which two monosaccharides react to form a disaccharide . Also the reverse of hydrolysis of ester is the esterification reaction in which formation of ester takes place .
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