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Which of the following is a derived unit?
A) Candela
B) Mole
C) Kelvin
D) Tesla

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Hint: In the International System of Units, a tesla is a derived magnetic induction unit. The equivalent of one tesla is one weber per square metre. One tesla is equal to Gauss 10,000. To gauge the strength of a magnet, manometers, gaussmeters or pull-testers are all used.

Complete answer:
Tesla is the magnetic flux density derived unit, which represents the magnetic field strength. One Tesla is one Weber per square metre. The tesla symbol is $T$. A particle carrying a charge of one coulomb and moving perpendicularly through a coulomb, according to Lorentz force legislation.
One tesla magnetic field experiences a force with a magnitude of one newton at a speed of one metre per second. All three Candela, mole and kelvin units of the option are defined as standard units, whereas tesla is a derived unit defined as Wb/m One tesla (1 T) is defined as the field intensity that produces one newton (N) of force per ampere (A) of current per conductor metre.
Tesla is a derived unit.

Correct option is (D) .

Around a half gauss is the typical strength of the Earth's magnetic field at its surface. So those are units of magnetic fields every day. In a single Tesla, there are 10,000 Gauss. The unit was announced during the 1960 General Conference on Weights and Measures and, on the proposal of the Slovenian electrical engineer, is named in honor of Nikola Tesla.