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Which of the following is a biotic factor?
(A) Light
(B) Air
(C) Parasite
(D) Temperature

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:The factors that have life are called the biotic factors and the factors that do not possess life are called as the abiotic factors. Every organism depends upon the both the biotic and the abiotic factors for their survival. But some of the plants alone depend alone on the abiotic factors for its life.

Complete answer:
The biotic factors include the living organisms like plants, animals, humans, microorganisms, worms etc. Light is the abiotic factor which is obtained from the universal resource sun. The sun emits lots and lots of the energy and this is used by all the organisms for their survival. It is a renewable resource. Air is the abiotic factor that moves to all the area. This is most important for survival because it helps in the process of the respiration.

The parasite is the organism that depends on the host organisms for their food and the shelter. The plants like cuscuta, viscom and the microorganisms like plasmodium, Entamoeba histolytica etc. are all the parasites. They do not have any capability to prepare their own food instead they have to depend on the other organism during its full life time. Since they possess life, they are biotic in nature. Temperature is the degree of the hotness or the coldness of the body. It is also an abiotic factor. Hence except parasites all the other factors are abiotic in nature.

Thus the correct answer is option (C).

Note:Some of the parasites simply use the nutrition and the habitat from the host organisms. It includes the cuscuta and the viscum. But some of them cause harmful diseases in the host organisms. The example for the harmful microorganisms are plasmodium.