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Which of the following has the highest value of dipole moment?
A) \[C{O_2}\]
B) $S{O_2}$
C) $S{O_3}$
D) $CC{l_4}$

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Hint: Knowing about the electronegativity of elements according to their respective period will be necessary. Also the shapes of molecules according to their hybridisation will be needed. We have to use both concepts to find the correct answer.

Complete answer:
Dipole moment is a quantity that describes two opposite charges separated by a distance. It has a magnitude and also very importantly a direction.
When more electronegative atoms are present, the direction of dipole moment will be towards itself.
 \[C{O_2}\] Has a linear structure, thus the two oxygens are on the extreme parts. The direction of dipole moment will be towards oxygen and opposite in direction. So they cancel each other and the net dipole moment is zero.
 $S{O_2}$ Has a bent structure, thus the two oxygen are not linear and opposite in direction. So the direction of dipole moment is not opposite in nature, thus it cannot cancel each other’s effect.Net dipole moment is equal to $1.61D$.
 $S{O_3}$ Has trigonal planar structure, so the direction of net dipole moment will be upside and downside. The downside dipole moment is the resultant of two $S = O$ bonds. So they cancel each other net will be zero.
 In case of, structure will be tetrahedral. Therefore, the dipole moment of three $C - Cl$bonds on one side, gives a resultant moment that is equal and opposite to the dipole moment of the single $C - Cl$ bond on the opposite side. Thus net dipole will be zero.
$\therefore $ $S{O_2}$ Has highest dipole value.

So the correct option is $D.$

Note: Knowing the structure of compounds and the direction of resultant is important. Hybridisations of molecules must be considered carefully else there will be a chance of getting wrong answers. $S{O_2}$ Has a bent shape which can be misinterpreted by saying linear.
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