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Which of the following has mass and a definite size and shape?
A. solid
B. liquid
C. gas
D. matter
E. weight

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: You could read the question well. Then you could think of all the properties associated with each of the given options. Then you could relate these properties to match the properties given in the question and thus you could find the answer.

Complete step-by-step solution:
In the question we are given a set of options and we are asked to find which among them has mass, definite size and shape. So let us approach each and every given option and hence find out the answer.
We know that weight is basically a property of matter and hence it is ruled out. Now, comes matter which is a broad classification. Matter is basically anything that occupies space and has mass. It may or may not have a definite shape and size, we can’t be sure of that. Now, for the case of gas, they can be compressed to any volume on applying pressure they also get easily diffused into air. Similarly for the liquid, though their particle attraction is stronger when compared to gas, they tend to occupy the container in which they are kept thereby attaining the container’s shape.
We are left with solids. Here the particles are very closely packed and aren’t free to move about within the substance. The movement is confined to vibrations that occur about a fixed position. So, we could say that solids have mass and a definite size and shape. Hence, option A is true.

Note: On application of high magnitude of force one could actually change the shape of a solid. Another state of matter that isn’t mentioned in the question is the plasma state. The plasma set can be considered as a subset of gases but always keep in mind that they are two entirely different states of matter.