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Which of the following elements in Xylem helps in lateral conduction of water?
A)Xylem tracheids
B)Xylem parenchyma
C)Xylem vessels
D)Xylem fibres

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Hint: Xylem is present in the vascular plant. It is a specialised tissue which helps in conduction of water and nutrients from the soil to the stem and leaves. It provides mechanical support to the plant. It also functions in storage.

Complete answer:
To solve this question, we must know about the components of xylem and their function.
The xylem is an essential tissue in a vascular plant which is responsible for transport of water and minerals from the soil to different parts of the plant. It supports the plant and provides rigidity to the plant.

The Xylem is composed of four components-
1.Xylem tracheids- These are dead tubes like hollow cells. They have thick lignified walls and functions in transport of water and minerals.
2.Xylem parenchyma-They are the only living cells in the xylem which stress fat and starch. They are responsible for lateral conduction.
3.Xylem vessels- They are long, cylindrical tube-like structures having a lignified perforated wall. They help in conduction of water and minerals and also provide mechanical support to the plant.
4.Xylem fibres- These are dead cells with lignified walls and central lumen. It provides mechanical support to the plant.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B)

Note: The xylem parenchyma is made up of axial and radial parenchymatous cells. They have thin cellulose cell walls. They have a prominent protoplasm and nucleus with large vacuole. It is involved in maintenance of xylem transport capacity.