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Which of the following classes contains animals with the minimum number of walking legs comparatively?
(A) Chilopoda
(B) Insecta
(C) Crustacea
(D) Arachnida

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Hint:The organisms are provided with the organs like legs, flagella, tails etc. for their locomotion. The unicellular organisms are provided with the flagella and the vertebral multicellular organisms are provided with the legs and invertebrate multicellular organisms are provided with the tails.

Complete answer:
The animals belonging to the class Chilopoda have more number of legs in them. The centipedes are the example of the arthropods. They possess hundreds of the legs for the purpose of the locomotion. The animals belonging to the class Crustaceans possess more than ten legs. The examples of the Crustacea are the pincers etc. The class Arachnida includes the animals which are invertebrate in nature. They come under the subphylum Chelicerata.

They possess the jointed appendages in their body and have eight legs for the purpose of the movement from one place to the other place. The class Insects includes the invertebrate animals and belongs to the phylum arthropods. These insects' bodies are surrounded by the layer called chitinous exoskeleton. There are three appendages and also compound eyes. They possess the special organ called antennae which is used as the sensory organ. They have only six legs. Hence when compared to the other classes in the given options, the class insect has less number of legs.

Thus the correct answer is option (B)

Note:The insect’s body is divided into three types as the head, thorax and the abdomen. The body of the insect has no internal skeleton but they possess the external skeleton called chitin. This chitin protects the soft internal organs in its body.