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Which of the following can fly backwards?
(A) Penguin
(B) Albatross
(C) Hummingbird
(D) Elephant bird

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The birds belong to the class Aves. Most of the birds belonging to the class Aves have the ability to fly since they possess air chambers in the body. This maintains their buoyancy in the air. They are the uricotelic organisms since they excrete uric acid. They are toothless beaked and egg laying organisms.

Complete answer:
(A) Penguin:
Penguins are the flightless bird and they mainly live in the cold temperature aquatic areas. They are characterized by the dark and the white skin in their body. They also possess flippers for the purpose of swimming.
(B) Albatross:
These are the sea birds which have the ability to fly for very long distances without taking rest. They mainly live in the regions of the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean.
(C) Hummingbird
It is the smallest bird that can fly forward, backward or in the sideward direction too. They are the only bird that can hover over some time during the flight.
(D) Elephant bird:
They are also flightless birds but became extinct. It was the giant bird and its fossils are present in the Pleistocene and the Holocene ages.

Hence the correct answer is OPTION(C)

Note: The adult humming bird is the smallest and is of size 5cm and the weight of this bird 2kg. It is native to America. Not all the birds can fly, some of the birds like penguin are the flightless bird, and they lost their ability to fly by evolution