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Which of the following are the ores of lead?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:Minerals are considered to be made up of one or more elements. Elements occur naturally in the form of minerals. Ores are also minerals but there is a difference between them. A mineral which can be used for the extraction of particular material commercially is known as ore. All the minerals cannot be used commercially for the extraction of its constituent material. Hence, we can say that all the ores are minerals but all minerals are not ore.

Complete step by step answer:
Lead is a chemical element having the symbol Pb and atomic number 82.
Lead is denser than many of the usual material and thus is a heavy metal, having an atomic mass of 207.2 u.
Lead is a soft and malleable compound.
Freshly cut lead is silvery-blue in color but when exposed to air it turns a dull grey.
Lead found as lead sulphide in nature. Its ore is Galena, which is a heavy, shiny grey, metallic ore.
Galena comprises 86 percent of lead.

Process of extracting lead from ore:
Galena is roasted, which converts the lead sulphide into lead oxide.
The formed lead oxide is made to react with coke to attain refined lead. Which then undergoes some of the purification processes.

Uses of lead:
Lead is widely used for batteries, in lead-cadmium batteries.
Lead crystal glasses are used to protect from X-ray radiations.
Lead is sometimes also used for cable sheathing, weights for lifting, etc.
Hence, the correct option is A.

Lead is one of the oldest known metals to humans.
Lead is highly toxic.
Apart from the method mentioned above: firstly the ore is roasted to convert lead sulphide to lead oxide. After converting some of the ore into lead oxide, raw ore is again added to it, it will yield lead and sulphur dioxide.