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Which of the following are plant growth promoters?
A. NAA, IBA, Zeatin and GA3
B. NAA, ABA, Zeatin and GA3
C. IBA, IAA, ABA, 2, 4- D
D. IBA, BAP, ABA, Zeatin

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Plant growth promoters enhance crop growth and increase plant growth. Natural growth promoters are found in plants or retained in their seeds accountable for performing out all biochemical mechanisms and sustaining plant health.

Complete answer: Following are the plant growth promoters that are involved in various mechanisms related to plants. Auxins (NAA and IBA) are growth promoters in plants that facilitate elongation, inhibit lateral bud growth. It is mostly used for the cultivation of plant tissue culture. They are developed in the stem, buds, including tips of the root. Gibberellins (GA3) growth promoters support elongation of the stem. They aren't formed at the tip of the stem. Gibberellic acid was the very first promoter of this class to be identified. Zeatin is a hormone in this class of plant growth promoters that exists in corn. Zeatin and its metabolites are included in many plant extracts which are the primary ingredient in coconut milk that stimulates plant growth
So, the correct option is (A).

Note: NAA is a modified plant hormone in the auxin group and is a rooting factor used by the vegetative expansion of leaf and stem clippings. In-plant tissue culture, IBA and other auxins are being used to trigger root formation in the laboratory in a procedure called micropropagation. Gibberellins have a range of effects on the development of plants. They can trigger rapid stem and root production, provoke mitotic differentiation in the leaves of certain plants, and accelerate the amount of seed germination.