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Which of the following animals undergoes summer sleep?
a) Frog
b) Cow
c) Goat
d) None of the above

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Hint: Aestivation is characterised by inactivity and a reduced metabolic rate, and it occurs as a result of exposure to high temperatures and arid environments.

Complete answer:
Hibernation, also known as "night sleep," is a condition of inactivity or low metabolic activity that animals engage in during the winter. Aestivation, also known as "summer sleep," is the low metabolic process that animals go through during the summer.
The significance of these sleeps is primarily related to the conservation of one's body's resources, survival during extreme temperatures, lack of food and water, and so on. These naps may be long or short in length. During such naps, the animals' use of energy is reduced to 70-100 times less than when they are awake or active.
These sleep cycles progress progressively as metabolic activity, heart rate, and breathing rate all slow down. While electrical activity in the brain ceases, the animals continue to respond to stimuli such as sound, light, and temperature.

The frog is an ectotherm that aestivates or sleeps in the summer to avoid extremely hot temperatures.Hence option a) frog is the correct answer.

Animals go through a pre-preparation period before entering hibernation or aestivation, where they store enough food and water to last for a long time, although much of the food is stored in the form of fat, which provides energy to survive.