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Which name is invalid?
(A) Name not published in species Plantarum
(B) Name proposed prior to $1961$
(C) Name which is not in Latin
(D) Name for which holotype is not designated

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: All the organisms are given the name of two as species name and the genus name. The species name is written in the small letters and it is written at the back of the genus name. The genus name is started with the capital letters. The organisms are classified based on the similarities with the other organisms.

Complete answer:
Arrangement of binomial classification for the first time. This makes choice A mistaken as not all the plant species were portrayed in this book. The logical names of species are treated as in Latin paying little heed to their birthplace; this makes choice C wrong.

As per rule of Priority, names distributed on or after May $1753$ (the date of distribution of The Species Plantarum) are viewed as substantial; alternative B is mistaken. As indicated by rule of epitome, holotype is an example or delineation which is assigned as illustrative of an animal variety and is utilized for ID of new examples. It is required to make reference to the holotype during distribution of new species on or after $1$ January $1958$.

Hence the correct answer is option (D).

Note: Holotype is the specimen that is designated as the one of the types of the species by its author and at that time the name of the species and its description of that species is given by the author. This is done for all the plants that are newly discovered.