Which mineral is not a valuable mineral?
A) Titanium
B) Platinum
C) Silver
D) Gold

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Hint: This is a silvery metal that has an atomic number 22 and it was discovered by William Gregor. The main ores from which it is extracted are ilmenite and rutile. It is used to make lightweight alloys for commercial use.

Complete answer:
Minerals are naturally occurring substances found on the earth and are used constructively for the betterment of humankind. Minerals, depending on the amount in which they are present on earth, are either rare or abundant. Depending on their qualities and uses, they may be valuable/precious or non-valuable.

Now let us analyze the given options:
Option A) Titanium – It is not considered a very valuable mineral. It is a hard, radiant, white metal. It is extremely safe with respect to corrosion and for the most part not influenced by air. It is a metal of lustrous transition with a silver-tone, low thickness, and high strength. India is blessed with a rich assortment of mineral assets because of its varied land structure. Titanium is most commonly used in making golf clubs, bicycles, tennis rackets, skiing plates etc. Therefore, this option is correct.

Option B) Platinum – It is a very heavy, soft and ductile silver-white precious metal. It has a high melting point and good resistance to corrosion and chemical attack, so its surface still glows even after being exposed to air. Although it dissolves easily in aqua regia, it is hardly affected by simple acids. It is a precious metal that is used in jewellery, laboratory equipment etc. Thus, this option is wrong.

Option C) Silver – It is a chemical element that is shiny, white and smooth. It has very high electrical conductivity, heat conductivity, and reflectivity, like all other metals. It is also a very precious metal and it is used in jewellery, electronics, photography etc. Thus, this option is incorrect.

Option D) Gold – Gold in its pure state, it is bright, somewhat ruddy yellow, thick, delicate, moldable, and pliable metal. It is one of the most non-reactive elements and is stable under a variety of conditions. Gold is generally found as pieces or grains, in rocks, veins, and in alluvial stores. It is a very precious element and is used as jewellery, investments, space equipment, electronics etc. Thus, this option is also wrong.

Thus, the correct answer is option (A) Titanium.

Note: The primary trademark of Minerals is that all minerals are exhaustible. These take a long time to grow topographically and they can't be renewed quickly at the period of scarcity. Along these lines, they must be moderated and not abused as they don't have the subsequent harvest.