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Which meristem helps in increasing girth
A) Lateral meristem/ cambium
B) Intercalary meristem
C) Primary meristem
D) Apical meristem

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Hint: Meristem is that type of tissue which is present in plants, it involves cell division is performed by the capable meristematic cells and these meristem cells can expand to the other organs in the plant.

Complete answer:
Let us first study the options to find the correct answer:
Option A: Lateral meristem is also known as secondary meristem which helps in the growth of the secondary parts and also stems girth and thickness are increases and the different trees, herbs, and shrubs are made of meristematic tissues having lateral meristem and also known as cambium. Therefore, this is the correct answer.

Option B: Intercalary meristem is that metameric tissue which involves the growth of only the middle position of the plant as in the stem these are made up of that meristematic cells which divide mitotically at the nodes and leaf blades; therefore, this is an incorrect answer.

Option C: Primary meristem is that meristematic tissue which is responsible for the growth in the primary level of the plant and it increases in the context of the length and it further helps in secondary growth, therefore this is an incorrect answer.

Option D: Apical meristem is that meristematic tissue which found in the growth region of the plants like root tips and the tips of the new leaves. Therefore, this is an incorrect answer.

Thus, option (A) is the correct answer.

Note: The lateral meristem is of further two types that is the vascular cambium and cork cambium which are also involved in the function of the growth of the plant girth.
i) Vascular cambium - It is the main growth tissue which is found in the stems and the roots of various plants
ii) Cork cambium - It is mainly found in many vascular plants between the cork and the primary phloem