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Which is the oldest book in Mathematics and Statistics?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Indians and Greeks are considered the pioneers of ancient Mathematics and statistics. The works of many Indian philosophers have contributed great studies to the world. The invention of zero is one of the best examples in this respect.

Complete answer:
Aryabhatiya Bhashya is the oldest known work in Mathematics and Statistics. It is believed to be a written work of the greatest Indian Philosopher Aryabhata. He was well-known and an established Mathematician of the fifth century. He was known for using zero for the first time.
The book Aryabhatiya Bhashya is a combined work of Aryabhata and Nilakanda Somayaji. The latter person added commentaries to the original work of Aryabhata making it the most valuable Mathematical work of the time. It consists of four sections or ‘adhyayas’ which deals with Mathematics and Indian astronomical beliefs.
The Indian astronomy based on the position of stars, constellations, planets and other heavenly bodies took its form from this piece of work. Astronomy is dealt as mathematical science which can be used properly even to predict the happenings of the Universe and the inhabitants. Mathematicians still consider this as an artifact from a mathematical and statistical point of view. But a large group of people are against astronomy and related predictions.
At the time of publishing the book was very famous as it gave a new perspective of life.

Additional Information:
The Indians are well-known for their contribution in Science and mathematics. The idea of atoms or indivisible particles came from India, which is not completely acceptable.

In the prehistoric times the books were written by great minds not in a need to bring out their scientific views, but to make the rulers happy with the work and get rewarded for them. The books of ancient ages mostly contain the traditional beliefs and other aspects to make it more acceptable to the society.