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Which is the most abundant in the body?
A) Nervous tissue
B) Muscle tissue
C) Epithelial tissue
D) Connective tissue

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Hint: Tissue is the term used for a bunch of cells which perform a particular function as a team. Plants and animals have different types of tissues. The most abundant tissue in the body of humans is responsible for maintaining the proper form of the body. It provides the body with cohesion. It is among one of the most important tissues of the human body.

Complete answer:
The human body is composed of four basic types of tissues-
> Nervous tissue
> Muscular tissue
> Epithelial tissue
> Connective tissue

The most abundant tissue in the body is the Connective tissue. So, option ( D ) is correct.

What is connective tissue?
Connective tissue is a gathering of tissues in the body that keep up the posture of the body and its organs and give union and internal support.
The connective tissues incorporate a few sorts of sinewy tissue that differ just in their thickness and cellularity, just as the more particular and unmistakable variations—bone, tendons, ligaments, ligament, and (fat) tissue.

Note: Human body is composed of four basic tissues and all the tissues are important. As connective tissues perform the function of connecting other tissues with each other as well as conduction and transport, these tissues are found everywhere along with the other three. Hence it is the most abundant tissue in the body.