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Which is the correct arrangement of corolla in family papilionaceae?
(A) ${C_{1 + \left( 2 \right) + 2}}$
(B) ${C_{1 + 2 + \left( 2 \right)}}$
(C) ${C_{1 + 2 + 2}}$
(D) None of the above

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Hint: The family Papilionaceae is a huge and significant group of blooming plants. This family is also known as family Fabaceae. It incorporates trees, yearly or enduring herbaceous plants and bushes. The petals are irregularly shaped like butterflies.

Complete answer:
These plants possess irregular shaped corolla like butterflies. The flowers are bilaterally symmetrical in nature. They possess the diadelphous stamens and there are nine filaments which are divided from the tube. In these flowers, the two keel petals are joined at the base to form the boat shaped structure. This structure helps to protect the androecium and gynoecium organs. They have the overlapping aestivation.

In this family of Papilionaceae, the petals are 5 - peripheral posterior petal which is outermost is larger in size. And this is known as the vexillum or standard. The two horizontal or the lateral petals are known as the wings. This is also known as alae. The two foremost and deepest petals are joined to frame a pontoon shaped structure known as the fall or carina. Hence, the correct arrangement of corolla in the family of the papilionaceae is ${C_{1 + 2 + \left( 2 \right)}}$.

Hence, the correct answer is Option (B)

Note: The example of the plants belonging to the family papilionaceous flowers includes sephora, Anagyris, Cercis, Dillwynia, Daviesia, Mirbelia, Pultenaea, Gompholobium etc. The above-mentioned plants have unique characteristics than the other plants. They possess ten stamens.