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Which is not a function of vacuole in plant cells?
A. Formation of hydrogen peroxide
B. Waste disposal
C. Cell elongation
D. Storage

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Hint: The cell is the basic structural unit of living things. The cell contains cytoplasm. A fluid-filled large space present in the cytoplasm, it has a membrane and usually helps in the basic functioning of the cell by acting as an extra storage space for the cell without using or producing any ATP.

Complete answer:
Vacuole contributes a large part of the cell and has diverse functioning. It was observed firstly in protozoa and has a membrane-bounded structure which is filled with organic and inorganic material.
It involves basic functions such as
Waste disposal – It doesn’t have a refined excretory system but the discarded or the waste fluids, proteins or other chemicals are stored in the vacuole from the cell which is made in compact with the cell organelles so that the toxicity of the waste doesn’t spread.
Cell elongation - Vacuole doesn’t have a specific shape and size so it can form any small and large shape this happens with the help of a tonoplast, a membrane layer present in the vacuole. This layer allows the movement of water molecules in and out for the maintenance of hydrostatic pressure and turgor pressure inside the cell.
 Storage – Also known as the storage bin of the cell, all the extra material referred to as waste or non-essential is stored in the vacuole.
All the 3 activities are performed in the cell except the Formation of hydrogen peroxide.

The correct answer is option (A) that is the formation of Hydrogen peroxide.

Note: They help in lysis and recycling of misfolded proteins, it doesn’t involve any ATP reduction or production. Cell vacuole controls the volume of the cell as it contains the waste material and eliminates it when needed. The regulation of cytoplasmic ions and pH is also controlled by the cell vacuole.