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Which is not a function of cytokinin?
(A) Delay is senescence
(B) Breaking seed dormancy
(C) Promoting bud dormancy
(D) Promoting stomatal opening

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Hint: Cytokinin is one of the phyto hormones that helps the plant by promoting the process of cell division. This process of cell division is known as cytokinesis. Where the auxin helps in the growth of the cells in the plants. These hormones help in the growth and the differentiation of the cells.

Complete answer:
Cytokinins are associated with the cell division and shoot and root morphogenesis. They are known to direct axillary bud development and apical strength. This also advances shoot development, and limits sidelong stretching. Cytokinin moves from the roots into the shoots, for the purpose of lateral bud development. This also helps in delaying the senescence by increasing the protein synthesis and gathering up the nutrients.

It helps in the opening of the stomata along with the auxin. All the Options are correct except the answer, promoting the bud dormancy since it breaks the bud dormancy. The ratio of the auxin to the cytokinin is very important for the growth and the differentiation. The auxin alone helps the cells to grow to the larger size but when it is included with the cytokinin, the cells grow and divide. More cytokinin induces the development of shoot buds, while more auxin actuates root formation.

Hence, the correct answer is Option (C)

Note: There are two kinds of cytokinins: adenine-type cytokinins and phenyl urea cytokinins. Most adenine-type cytokinins are produced in the roots, cambium and other effectively isolating tissues. Typically, cytokinins are moved in the xylem to the various parts.