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Which is intensive property?
This question has multiple correct options
A. Mass
B. Mass/Volume
C. Volume
D. Volume/Mass

Last updated date: 19th Jun 2024
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- An intensive property of matter is that it doesn't change when the amount of matter changes. It is a property that doesn’t depend on the mass of the substance. There are several intensive properties like density, pressure, temperature etc.

Complete step by step answer:
Let’s discuss about several points about intensive property found like:
- It is an independent property that is the property of matter that doesn't depend on the amount or we can say on the size of matter.
- An intensive property can’t be computed.
- Intensive properties are found to be easily identified.
-If the size of a system doubles, then the value of intensive property would simply remain constant, whether the size of the system is doubled, tripled or is changed in any way.
- As we know that it is mass independent property, so we can say that it is neither additive or subtractive.
- So, we can say that mass and volume are extensive properties as they are not Intensive properties.
- The ratio of any two extensive properties is intensive, therefore we can say that the ratio of two extensive properties that are mass by volume or its reverse that is volume by mass is an intensive property.
- There are also several other examples of intensive properties like: density, temperature, hardness, boiling point, molarity, concentration, specific heat etc.

Hence, option B and D are correct.

- Extensive property is a dependent property that depends on the size of matter, it can be easily computed and cannot be easily identified. Whereas, Intensive property is an independent property, where the size doesn’t change and can be easily identified.