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Which family is represented by the largest number of species of flora in India?
(A) Gramineae
(B) Leguminosae
(C) Orchidaceae
(D) Solanaceae

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The largest number of species of flora in India are from monocotyledonous flowering plants, like grasses. They are also the world’s most important food source. They can grow on all continents.

Complete step by step answer:
The largest number of species of flora in India are from the family Poaceae is also known as Gramineae. Gramineae families mostly include a variety of grasses like finger grasses, silver grasses, lemon grasses, and also include wheat, rye, and many more kinds of grass and crops.
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Additional Information:
Grasses could also be annual or perennial herbs, generally with the subsequent characteristics.
The stems of grasses are usually cylindrical (more rarely flattened, but not 3-angled) and are hollow, plugged at the nodes, where the leaves are attached.
Grass leaves have parallel veins that are always arranged alternately in two opposite vertical rows.
Each leaf is transformed into a lower sheath hugging the stem and a blade with entire margins. The leaf blades of the many kinds of grass are hardened with silica phytoliths, which discourage grazing animals; some, like grass, are sharp enough to chop human skin. A ligule lies at the junction between sheath and blade, preventing water or insects from penetrating into the sheath.
There are many uses of Gramineae. Some of them are used in food such as grains or cereals, bamboos, sugarcane as a major source of sugar production and even used in lawns as grasses are best for lawns.
So, the correct answer is ‘Gramineae'.

Note: The Gramineae is one of the foremost widely distributed and abundant groups of plants on Earth. Grasses are found on every continent including Antarctica also. There are about 12,000 grass species present in the world. It is also used in beer production as the primary ingredient of beer is usually barley or wheat.