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Which characteristic is not the adaptation of animals to protect themselves from extremely cold weather?
A) A thick coat of fur
B) A thick layer of fat
C) Hibernation
D) A thin layer of hair

Last updated date: 19th Jun 2024
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Hint:For mammals without hair, insulation can be achieved by grease. Grease is a thick layer of fatty tissue that can help isolate the animal’s body, because fat does not transfer heat like muscle and skin. In some whales, this grease may be up to two feet.

Complete answer:
Adaptation of animals to protect themselves
All living life forms can alter and adjust as per their environmental factors. In the race of battle for presence, all living creatures create capacities to adapt up to the affliction in their current circumstance. Among these variations, one is having a thick layer of hide over their bodies. Creatures living in incredibly chilly climatic conditions need to shield themselves from the chilly climate. So they have a thick layer of hide over them.

As the layer of hide impedes the virus air and keeps it from arriving at the creature's body, they will be ensured against cold. Correspondingly, a thick layer of fat over their body likewise causes protection and shields the creature from outrageous virus. In this way, both of these are variations against cold. Most of the creature’s show a time of inactivation, where they are lethargic and are in a condition of torpidity. Hibernation is the condition of idleness in the winter season.

The creatures are in a torpid state during winters thus they are secured against outrageous ecological cold. All these 3 choices are qualities of creatures for adjusting against extraordinary cold. A meager layer of hair over their bodies won't give enough assurance against natural cold thus it's anything but a trademark that ensure them

Thus the correct answer is option (D).

Note:Adaptation can protect animals from predators or bad weather. Many birds can hide in tall grass, and weeds and insects can change their color to blend in with the surrounding environment.