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Which bird is the symbol of ‘Bombay Natural History’?
(A) Hornbill
(B) Spoonbill
(C) Egret
(D) Sun bird

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: The Bombay natural history society was discovered in September 151883 . This is considered as the one of the non- governmental organizations which is started for the conservation and the research in the biodiversity of all the living organisms.

Complete Answer:
- The horn bill is also called as the Bombay natural history and is provided with the long curved beak which is brightly colored. They possess the kidney which is two lobed in nature. They usually nest in the natural habitats like holes in the trees and other small rocks. Their large beaks are mainly used for the purpose of catching its prey, constructing its own nest, fighting against its own enemies and the purpose of preening.
- They have the black plumage and sometimes it is grey, white and brown. They have the binocular vision which helps them to catch the prey and handle it with the help of their tip of the bill.
- The spoonbill birds are endangered birds in Asia and Russia. The egrets are the type of the herons which mainly breed in the warmer climate. The sun bird is in bright red color small birds which feed on the spider hunters.

Hence the correct answer is option B.

Note: These birds have the special characteristics in the class Aves. These are the only birds that have the one and the second neck vertebrate that are fused together. This provides them more stability to carry their large beaks even though they have very small heads.