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Which bird had teeth in its beak?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Archaeopteryx is the oldest known bird, is accepted as a transition between birds and reptiles. The scientists discovered that it has many similarities with its ancestor called Maniraptora, compared to modern birds, they are offering a phylogenetic connection between the two species. It is considered to be a connecting link between reptiles and birds.

Complete answer:
A linking element between reptiles and birds is the Archaeopteryx. It has a combination of Aves and reptile characteristics. About 150 million years ago, Archaeopteryx existed. They've got jaws that have sharp teeth. These traits make Archaeopteryx a clear contender for a transitional fossil between dinosaurs and birds that are not avian. Thus, not only in the study of the origin of birds, but also in the study of dinosaurs, Archaeopteryx plays a significant part. In 1861, it was named for a single feather, the identification of which was controversial.

The first complete Archaeopteryx specimen was revealed the same year. Ten more Archaeopteryx specimens have surfaced over the years. Most experts consider all the specimens that have been found as belonging to a single genus, despite variation within these fossils, although this is still debated.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D)

Note: The researchers said that a mutation in the dentin- and enamel-related genes shared between bird species would suggest that their mutual ancestor had lost the ability to form teeth. They found that there were the same mutations in the dentin- and enamel-related genes in all bird species.