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Which are visible pollutants known to you?

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: Pollutants are the agents that harm our environment and produce harmful undesirable effects. Pollutants cause various types of pollution like that of air, water, and sound. The noise pollutants are not visible to us.

Complete answer:
The visible pollutants are those that we can see with our naked eyes without the application of any instruments. Under visible pollutants, we can consider plastic waste. Plastic waste is a major threat to the environment. It is a major concern now worldwise. For this reason, plastic is banned in many parts of the world.
Plastics clog drains leading to the blockage and accumulation of standing water. The stagnant water gives rise to breeding places for mosquitoes. Plastic is non-biodegradable. Due to this reason, it is not absorbed into the soil and harms it for several years. Plastic waste is also hazardous for aquatic life because many a time, fishes get caught in the plastics floating in the water bodies and die of suffocation.
Sewage is the industrial waste that is released into the water bodies from factories. It consists of liquid and solid wastes. Plant and animal waste are referred to as dead plants and animals. The dead leaves are shed from the plant. The dead parts of plants and animals are decomposed by microorganisms in the soil. Pesticides that are used in crop fields are absorbed into the soil and sometimes percolate in the water and reach the nearby water bodies thus pollution them.

Note: Smog is also a visible pollutant. It pollutes the air. It is a combination of smoke and fog. Smog reduces the visibility on the roads thus increasing road accidents and also harms the eyes. The visible pollution should and can be prevented but the step has to be on an individual level as well.