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What is zinc good for?

Last updated date: 11th Jun 2024
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Hint: Zinc is an element which has an atomic number $30$ and it has a lustrous bluish white colour.
Zinc has a number of properties which has proven to be good for humans, in the field of chemistry, biology, medicine and industrial sectors.

Complete step-by-step answer:Zinc is one of the most essential elements in the periodic table which has a lot of applications which are beneficial to us.
We will be discussing the areas in which zinc could be used and has good beneficial applications. At first, we know in the medical field zinc has served to be an essential element for supplements and medicines. A very less amount of this element is necessary for the health of humans, so as a result of this fact, it is also one of the essential and trace elements. Zinc can be considered an essential element which is required for the proper growth of the human body and maintaining it in order to have a smooth functioning of the immune system of the body as well as the properties of wound recovery and thyroid functioning, maintenance of vision and a lot more. Zinc is also observed to have a positive effect which is applicable against different kinds of viruses.
Now, in the field of industrial sector, zinc is widely used for the galvanisation of other metals. Molten zinc can be used in order to create a protective layering or coating on the surface of a material which protects the metals from rust and corrosion.
A large amount of zinc is used for the production of zinc oxides along with the manufacturing of roofing materials. The oxides of zinc are mainly used for the rubbers as an additive material in order to increase its beneficiary properties as a type or other substances.

Note:The zinc forms alloys with metal which has extensive properties as compared to the original metal. For instance, brass or nickel silver are alloys of zinc with other metals.
Zinc has a number of benefits in the field of biology and pharmaceuticals, some of which are an essential and trace element which is needed for proper functioning and growth of the human body. It is also used for making medicines and supplements.