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What is the floral formula of rose?

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Hint: Floral formula represents the structure of a flower using numbers, letters and various symbols to present information about the flower in a compact form. The formula expresses counts of different floral organs.

Complete Answer:
The floral formula is usually preceded by letters or abbreviations according to the organ type. They are ordered in accordance to the arrangement of the parts of the flower from the outside to the inside. The floral formula for rose is as given below
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                                            Figure: Floral Formula
K (5) – a calyx with 5 sepals
C5 – corolla fused from 5 petals
A ∞ - many stamens (here, many indicates more than 10-12)
G (1-5) - 1-5 fused carpels
Symmetry or arrangement is described for the whole flower. In such cases, the corresponding symbol is usually placed at the beginning of the formula.

The numbers are inserted after the labels. They may be formatted as sub or superscript. If an organ is absent, its number is written as "0" or it is omitted. Whorls of the same organ are separated by "+" and organ counts within a whorl are separated by ":".
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