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What is the 5-second rule?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Urban myth, known as the five–second law, argues that if food is extracted fast enough from a contaminated surface, the microorganisms on the surface will not have time to migrate, or "jump," onto the food.

Complete answer:
The 5-second rule is all about the food dropping on the floor and its safety to be eaten or not food. If the food falls on the floor, do we eat it or do we toss. Here are many types of question that arises this can be avoided by rule known as 5-second rule

Now lets know what is the 5 -second rule:
The 5-second rule allows us to eat something that has fallen on the floor as long as it is picked up within 5 seconds. For example if you drop a morning buffet on the kitchen floor but you pick it super-fast then the microorganisms on the floor will not attack it.

Scientific logic of 5-second rule
1. The moisture of the food item has a direct correlation with contamination researchers have found that more the contamination the food has higher moisture content.
2. When it comes to the what type of surface food has fall into it was discovered that carpet has a very low transfer of microorganisms while tiles wood and stainless steel has a much higher transfer rate
3. In some cases the transfer of bacteria can take less than 1 second

Note: 5 -second rule is only applicable in certain cell situations if you are a healthy adult we should be much more careful while you are a young child, older adult or a pregnant woman.