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What is cultural and educational right ?

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India is a vast land where we have different races, languages, cultures and castes. Indian people are united by race language and literature, geographical proximity, by history, religion, economic interest and cultural unity. It is essential to protect the interest and identities of the minority in such a country. In India, cultural and educational right means the rights of all sections of society that saves their culture, script or language. The right to constitutional remedies is present for enforcement of Fundamental Rights. 

In our Indian constitution, right to Cultural and Educational Rights preserve under articles 29 and 30. Article 30 of Indian constitution further states that all minority communities (whether religion or linguistic), have the right to start and run educational institutions of their choice. The state shall not discriminate on the grounds of religion or language in providing aid to educational institutes. This article also states that no countrymen shall be deprived of admission into any state-run or aided educational institution on grounds of race, caste, creed, language etc. We can refer to Kerala Education Bill (1958) and The State of Madras vs. Compakam (1951) case in this connection with this right.

Last updated date: 25th Sep 2023
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