What are the uses of plastics?

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Hint: Plastics are generally synthetic or semi synthetic materials which formed during the process of polymerization. Plasticity of plastic makes it possible to be molded or pressed into solid objects of various shapes.

Complete Solution :
Plastic word is generally derived from the Greek word which means capable of being shaped or molded. Hence plastic has the property to mold in any desired shape. Most of the plastics contain organic polymers. Generally it forms a chain of carbon atoms along with the addition of oxygen, sulfur or nitrogen. The long chain consists of many repeat units known as monomers and polythene is a polymer in which there are several thousand units.

- Plastic has a wide number of applications which can be explained as:
1. It is used in the manufacturing of many household things like chairs, buckets, tubs, glass etc.
2. Due to its poor conductivity, the coating of wire is also of plastic.
3. In transport we find seating, paneling and surface covering made of plastic.
4. Plastic sheets are used in homes as PVC panels.
5. Switch boards and other electrical appliances are also made up of plastics.
6. Pipelines used are also made up of plastics.
Hence we can say that there are many applications of plastics.

Note: Plastics can also be classified by their different physical properties like hardness, density, tensile strength and resistance to heat and also on chemical properties like organic chemistry of the polymer and its resistance and reaction to various chemical products and processes.