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What are the main challenges of Democracy ?

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Even though democracy has been accepted as the best form of Government in this modern world. Yet it has its own problems. Some of these areas are stated below:

(i) Growing economic and social inequalities among the people:

It is quite evident that all the citizens have the right to vote and fight elections but only rich people have a chance to win the election. The underprivileged are forced to sell their votes to fulfil their basic necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter. 

(ii) Role of anti-social elements:

During elections, the role of anti-social elements gets a sudden rise. Voters are forced to vote for a particular candidate or party. Rigging also takes place during the elections.

(iii) Corruption and inefficiency:

In most of the democratic countries, political leaders and government officials are dishonest, corrupt, and inefficient. As a result, citizens generally do not take any interest in elections. They even have no faith in government officials. That adversely affects the working of democracy in a country. 

(iv) Casteism and communalism:

These two are the biggest challenges in many democratic countries. Political parties try to brainwash people while distributing tickets for the election. We have seen that representatives elected on the basis of community and caste work for the welfare of the people belonging only to their group.

From the above-mentioned points, it is clear that these challenges depend on what stage of social development the country is. Resolutions to these trials also depend on a country’s exclusive situation. There is no pre-prescribed method to confront the challenges faced by a democracy.

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