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Water beads on the outside of a cold glass of water is caused by which of the following ?
(A) Water inside the glass transferring to the outside.
(B) Water vapour in the atmosphere condensing onto the glass.
(C) Cold water boiling onto the outside of the glass.
(D) Water from inside the glass freezes onto the glass.

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Hint :To solve the given question, we should have information about the process of condensation and heat transfer. Condensation is the process of conversion of matter from its gaseous to liquid state. It is mainly associated with change in physical state of matter.
Heat is a form of energy which provides us the sensation of warmth or coldness. It can neither be created nor be destroyed, just transferred from one form to another. Heat will be transferred to the one with low temperature from the one with high temperature.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
Step-1 :
We are given a glass of cold water which simply means it has much lower temperature than the atmosphere. The magnitude of the lower temperature is also greater.

Step-2 :
We know that the atmosphere contains water vapours which are gaseous states and have lots of energy. So, when they come in contact with cold water through glass, they lose temperature and become liquid.

Note :
When the molecules during condensation convert to liquid form, they lose heat which is a form of energy and slows down and come closer to each other. The kinetic energy of the molecule also decreases as the speed decreases. Because the magnitude of low temperature is greater , the surrounding of the glass becomes cooler than before. This leads to the condensation of moisture around glass.
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