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Waste hierarchy includes
A. Reduce
B. Reuse
C. Recycle
D. All of the above

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint:They protect natural resources, landfills and electricity. In fact, the three R's save property and resources communities must use to dispose of garbage in landfills.

Complete Answer:
Waste hierarchy is a tool used to evaluate activities that protect the environment, alongside resource and energy use, from the most desirable to the least favourable behaviour. The hierarchy points out the preferred sustainability-based policy goals. To be sustainable, waste management cannot be addressed simply by means of technical end-of - pipe solutions and an innovative approach is required. The waste management hierarchy shows the order of choice for action to minimize and handle waste. The hierarchy captures the progression of a material or product through various phases of waste treatment and describes the latter portion of the life-cycle of each product.
The waste hierarchy is the "3 R's" and comprises reduce, reuse and recycle. The goal of the waste hierarchy is to derive the most functional benefits from the goods and to produce the least quantity of waste. There can be some advantages of the proper operation of the waste hierarchy. It will help mitigate greenhouse gas pollution, eliminate contaminants, save electricity, save money, build jobs and promote the growth of green technology.

Thus, the correct answer is option D. i.e., All of the above.

Note:Waste management requires the processes and actions expected to handle the waste from its formation to its final disposal. This covers the storage, transport, treatment and recycling of waste, as well as the control and regulation of the waste management process.