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Warm Kuroshio and Cold Oyashio currents affects?
A) Japan and other islands in Asian continent
B) Antarctica
C) European Countries
D) America

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: The Kuroshio Current is a major western boundary current controlled by the North Pacific Gyre. It brings warm subtropical waters from the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool to Japan exerting a major control on Asian climate. The Tsushima Current is a Kuroshio offshoot transporting warm water.

Complete answer:
Warm Kuroshio currents affects: - The Kuroshio Current carrying relatively warm and saline waters flows northward along the east coast of Japan, turns eastward near 34. N, 140. ... The southward-flowing Oyashio Current, which carries fresh and cold subarctic water, meets with Kuroshio water at approximately 37.

Cold Oyashio currents affects: - the cold oyashio current lowers the temperature in northeast Asia drastic as it moves southeast from the Bering Strait. On the other hand, the warm Kuroshio 6Current, of East coast of Japan, raises its coastal temperature considerably.

Because the Kuroshio Current carries warmer water from south to north, transported heat often induces cloud formations increasing the chance of rain and changing the path of storms.

Thus, the Option (A) Japan and other islands in Asian continent, is the correct answer.

Note: These are the warm, subtropical Kuroshio Current from the south originating from the North Equatorial Pacific Current off the northern Philippines and flowing East of Taiwan and West of the Ryukyu Island Chain before turning eastward to follow the Pacific shores and slopes of southern Japan, and the cold water Oyashio...