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Vomerine teeth are present in
a. Man
b. Reptiles
c. Frogs
d. Rabbits

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Vomerine teeth are vestigial teeth in amphibians and located in the palatine region between the internal nares. These are small projections in the top of the mouth. They help to secure its prey until it can be swallowed.

Complete answer:
 Vomerine teeth are located in the facial bone as vomer. Vomerine teeth are two rough bumps on the roof of the frog's mouth. These function in holding and capturing prey. Frogs' tongues and vomerine teeth operate together to capture and hold prey animals from being able to flee.
The vomerine teeth are small projections in the top of a frog's mouth and appear in pairs of tiny clusters on their mouths' roofs.

Amphibians swallow their prey whole, so they do not need teeth. Vomerine teeth are helpful in holding the prey.

Humans have 32 teeth such as incisors, canines, premolar molars. Teeth are required to chew the food. Some of the reptiles lack teeth e.g. turtles. Lizards, snakes have teeth. Types of teeth depend on the type of food they consume. Herbivorous species have flattened teeth with crushing surfaces while carnivorous species have teeth with tapered to sharp points.

Rabbits are herbivores with unrooted teeth in mouth and they grow continually. In rabbits, second incisors are behind the first incisor. The second incisor is known as the peg tooth. As they are herbivores, they don’t require vomerine teeth.

Hence, The correct answer is option (C).

Note: Vomerine teeth are vestigial teeth found in frogs. These teeth cannot be seen from the outside of frogs' mouths, it prevents the prey from escaping as it captures, holds and swallows the prey in mouth.