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Voluntary muscles are found in_________________________.
A. Alimentary canal
B. Limbs
C. Iris of the eye
D. Bronchi of lungs

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Hint: The type of muscles which we can control with our conscious mind is called voluntary muscles. Whereas the muscles that are not in our conscious control of mind are called involuntary muscles. Skeletal muscles are voluntary types of muscles in our body which we can control according to our will with the help of our conscious mind and perform various activities. These skeletal muscles undergo contraction and relaxation processes in order to move various parts of our body.

Complete answer:
There are three types of muscles in our body which perform different activities of the body. These three types of muscles are skeletal muscles, cardiac muscles and smooth muscles. Skeletal muscles are voluntary types of muscles in our body whereas cardiac muscles and smooth muscles are involuntary types of muscles. Skeletal muscles facilitate movement in the body voluntarily and involuntarily with the help of reflexes. Involuntary movement includes the movement of the arm if a person were to burn his finger near fire as our arm would move away automatically without our thinking. A signal from our brain helps to make a movement in our body as our muscles quickly contract and relax to help in movement of our body. Only limbs can be voluntarily controlled from the above options.

Therefore, option B. Limbs is the correct option.

Note: Other options like alimentary canal, iris of the eye and bronchi of lungs are examples of smooth muscles which are involuntary and not in our conscious control. Heart muscles are called cardiac muscles as cardiac muscles are only present in the heart.