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Vessel elements differ from other elements of xylem in having
A.Simple and bordered pit on end wall
B.Simple preformation on their and walls
C.Simple pit in their radial wall
D.Bordered pit on their wall

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Hint: Xylem tracheae are the basic segment of xylem. As an outcome, the xylem vessels display various sorts of optional thickenings. Xylem vessels have hole plates at their end dividers, which are missing in other xylem components

Complete answer:
Elements of xylem: The xylem is the vascular tissue liable for the upward conduction of water and supplements from the roots. The xylem tissue moves water and supplements to different pieces of the plant, for example, shoots and leaves. Its significant parts incorporate xylem parenchyma, xylem strands, tracheid, and xylem vessels. The xylem vessel is one of the two cell kinds of treachery components, the other is the tracheid. These two are the water leading components in vascular plants. Be that as it may, Pteridophytes and most Gymnosperms have just tracheid.
Most angiosperms (blooming plants) have both xylem vessels and tracheids nevertheless the xylem vessels fill in as the major conductive component. Both xylem vessels and tracheids lose their protoplast at development and along these lines become non-living parts of the xylem inevitably. The two structure an optional cell divider in the middle of the essential cell divider and the plasma layer that is lignified. The most well-known examples of auxiliary cell divider thickenings are annular, winding, scalar form, reticular, and pitted. Notwithstanding, the xylem vessels have more slender auxiliary dividers. Both xylem vessels and tracheids have pits on their parallel dividers .The xylem vessel is a progression of cells and every cell is alluded to as a vessel part (vessel component). Conversely, a tracheid is an individual cell.
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Hence the correct answer is OPTION(B)
Note: Xylem is the vascular tissue liable for the conduction of water and supplements from the roots up to the shoots and leaves, particularly of earthly plants. Xylem involves the xylem parenchyma, xylem fiber (or sclerenchyma), tracheids, and vessels. It is the essential part of wood in plants.