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Vanaparthy and Vaddicherla is famous for
(a) No scarcity and scarcity
(b) Industries
(c) Culture
(d) Crop production

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Hint: These two villages in Telangana are related to a condition of presence of an inadequate amount of something in one place and having the same thing in abundance at another place.

Complete answer:
Vaddicherla and Vanaparthy are small villages, situated in the Warangal district of the Telangana region, India. Vanaparthy and Vaddicherla are famous for the concept of no scarcity and scarcity. Vanaparthy does not face problems due to groundwater pollution and water crisis, thanks to the percolation tanks which are set up in the village and the nearby locales. In contrast, Vaddicherla suffers from a scarcity of water and food resources due to fewer groundwater reserves. These percolation tanks help in the collection of water in earthen dams and also recharges the groundwater in these regions. Thus, there are no water scarcity problems in this village.

Additional Information: Case Study of two villages Vanaparthy and Vaddicherla have been done through many surveys. A survey was; conducted in two villages -the first with no scarcity and second with scarce groundwater. -Well, the census was carried out in the villages to get a complete picture of good irrigation and its status as well as the availability of water.
- Basic information on good irrigation and various socio-economic aspects was collected using a small questionnaire from all the well owners in the sample villages.
-There are no alternative sources to supply as against wells in Vadicherla, whereas there is an existing tank that has been converted into a Percolation Tank so that the water situation is much better In Vanaparthy.
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So, the correct answer is, ‘No scarcity and scarcity’.

Note: -Due to no underground water and less water supply, the villages adopted a new way of storing water which is by constructing dams and percolation tanks which helped them to stay out of the problem of water scarcity.
-A project for the Centre for World Solidarity that looks after the sustainability of groundwater intervened to help in recharging drying wells.
-They formed groups of farmers including both large and small farmers so that they can share water for irrigation and motivated them to use drip irrigation, sprinklers, etc techniques.