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What is the value when 44 is increased by 12.5%.

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Hint: Try to calculate the increment and use basic arithmetic.

Percent means parts by 100. It is the ratio in which the denominator is $100$.
So $x\% $ is given by $\dfrac{x}{{100}}$.
In the above problem we need to increase the number by $12.5\% $.
Increment of numbers means increasing its value or adding another positive real number to its value.
Hence, we need to find the number or the value by which $44$ is to be increased.
Since in the problem, the increment percentage is given, first we need to find the given percent of $44$.
Using the above-mentioned rule, $12.5\% = \dfrac{{12.5}}{{100}}$.
Therefore, $12.5\% $of $44$is given by
$\dfrac{{12.5}}{{100}} \times 44 = \dfrac{{550}}{{100}} = 5.5$
Increasing $44$by $5.5 \Rightarrow 44 + 5.5 = 49.5$
Hence Value of $44$ is increased by $12.5\% $ is equal to $49.5$.
The above-mentioned procedure could be formed into a formula as
Value$ = Original\,Number\left( {1 + \dfrac{x}{{100}}} \right)$ ,where $x$ is the percent to be increased.
In this problem, $Original{\text{ }}Number = 44$ and $x = 12.5$
Using in the above-mentioned formula, we get,
Value$ = 44\left( {1 + \dfrac{{12.5}}{{100}}} \right) = 44\left( {1 + \dfrac{1}{8}} \right) = 44 \times \dfrac{9}{8} = 49.5$.
Hence the answer is $49.5$.

Note: Percent always means out of hundred. Increment or decrement can be done using the same method as explained above with slight modification for decrement.
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