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Using the transparent sheet makes a replica of the figure.
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Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint – In this question we have to make a replica that is the exact same copy of the given figure using a transparent sheet. There can be a way of tracing the exact same image by putting the transparent sheet over this figure and then tracing it down.

“Complete step-by-step answer:”
Steps –
$(1)$ Place the tracing paper over the image that is to be traced that is the above image. The tracing paper has the property of being transparent therefore the image will be seen clear even after its placing over the image.
$(2)$ Use a pencil preferred HB, however 2B, 4B or any simple pencil will also work. Trace the image first going from point A1 till the end of line segment passing through O.
$(3)$ Now tracing of one line segment is done similarly to trace the line segment starting from A2 passing through O.
$(4)$ Now the tracing paper will have the outline of the image. Replace the original image from beneath the transparent paper now and place a new blank page onto which the image is to be replicated.
$(5)$ Now again place your pencil over the outline of the transparent paper and trace it down again but this time by applying a little bit of pressure so that the outline is replicated over the blank page beneath the transparent paper.
$(6)$ Highlight this outline obtained on that previous blank paper to get the exact replica of the original image.

Note – It is advisable to use HB, 2B or 4B pencil as it helps highlighting of the image obtained. It is advisable not to put immense pressure over the transparent sheet as it can even lead to wear and tear off the blank paper placed below it.

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